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Sourdough Bagels

Sourdough Bagels

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These handmade sourdough bagels are perfect for your breakfast (or any time!) needs. Choose from plain, everything, or sesame or add a note to do a mix. Minimum 2 per flavor if mixing.

Organic ingredients, seed oil free, refined sugar free, dairy free, kosher parve.


sourdough starter (organic unbleached flour, water), water, organic unbleached flour, raw Florida local honey, pink Himalayan salt 

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Customer Reviews

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Brandon Saballos
A Never-Ending Delight: The Best Bagels I've Ever Tasted

From the very first bite, it was clear that these bagels were in a league of their own. Each bagel, with its perfectly golden crust and soft, chewy interior, was a testament to the art of bagel-making.

The balance of flavors and textures is impeccable, with just the right amount of chewiness and a crust that's crispy without being too hard.

What truly sets these bagels apart is their freshness. Each one tastes like it's been baked just moments before, with a warm, comforting aroma that fills the room. It's this freshness that makes them irresistible and keeps you coming back for more.

In my household, no matter how many of these heavenly bagels I order, it's never enough. They've become a staple for breakfasts and brunches, and even as a snack. Their consistent quality ensures that each bagel experience is as good as the last.

These are more than just bagels, they're a culinary delight that brings joy with every bite. If you're a bagel aficionado or just someone who appreciates fine baking, these bagels are a must-try. They've raised the bar for what I consider to be the perfect bagel, and I can't imagine starting my day with anything else.

Rating: 5/5