About us

Hello, I'm Gabi (resident graphic designer-turned-baker) and welcome to The Clean Crumb!

The Clean Crumb was started out of necessity when my husband realized that everything would upset his stomach except for things that I made at home from scratch. Between the two of us having skin and gut issues, we have gone through every kind of elimination diet imaginable - cutting out dairy and gluten, eggs, sugar you name it over the years. Until we realized that when we consume REAL, high quality ingredients, we do not experience the same problem. Gluten specifically was reintroduced into both of our diets through sourdough bread, which is a lot easier on digestion due to its long fermentation process.

With the rise in knowledge about seed oils being one of the worst things we can put into our bodies, and the fact that it's nearly impossible to find baked goods on the market that do not contain them (especially ones that are certified Kosher), We set out to create a brand where people can get the highest quality, gut friendly, and of course the yummiest baked goods out there! All of our products are made with sourdough starter and are made with organic ingredients, pasture raised eggs, are seed oil free, refined sugar free, dairy free, kosher parve, and obviously delicious!

We currently deliver locally to most of Miami and South Florida. Check us out and try for yourselves!